Won Park (University of Colorado) email: won.park@colorado.edu


JB Lee
(University of Texas at Dallas)
Lynne Bemis
(University of Colorado at Denver Health Sciences Center)
Bill Robinson
(University of Colorado at Denver Health Sciences Center)


John Moreland (NIST)
Geoff Lindsay (NAVAIR)
MicroFab Technologies, Inc.
Zyvex Corporation



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Press Releases:

University of Colorado at Boulder: link

University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center: link


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NIRT program goal:

  • Achieve on-chip detection of cancer with high specificity and high sensitivity
  • Interdisciplinary program that combines nanophotonics, nano-elecrtro-mechanical
    ystems (NEMS), microfluidics, and cancer biology
  • Thrust areas
    – Tunable negative index lens
    – On-chip system integration
    – Nanoprobe-based cancer detection

NIRT program overview:

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